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Our annual environmental conferences ran for 25 years, until 2009. It was the longest running environmental conference in Ireland, attracting speakers from 22 countries around the world.

Annual Environmental Conferences:

1985 - 1st: Ireland - the Atlantic - Exploitation of its Resources.

1986 - 2nd: Norway - the Development of its Fish Farming Industry

1987 - 3rd: Lake, River and Coastal Pollution - Can it be Contained?

1988 - 4th: Domestic and Industrial Waste

1989 - 5th: Can Industry and the Environment Live Together?

1990 - 6th: Sewage Disposal - Where Do We Stand

1991 - 7th: Management of Landfill Sites

1992 - 8th: Water - Supply & Quality

1993 - 9th: Incineration: The Issues

1994 - 10th: Chemicals - A Cause for Concern?

1995 - 11th: Environmental Protection: The Role of the State

1996 - 12th: Planning Laws: Are they too Severe?

1997 - 13th: Hazardous Waste Management - Industrial & Medical

1998 - 14th: Environmental Impact Studies - Are they Worthwhile?

1999 - 15th: Landfill - The Issues that Must be Addressed

2000 - 16th: Water - Is its Quality Deteriorating?

2001 - 17th: Infrastructure Development - Can the Environment be Protected?

2002 - 18th: Recycling - Expectation & Reality

2003 - 19th: Tackling Pollution of Inland and Coastal Waters

2004 - 20th: Protecting Our Natural Heritage - What will be our legacy?

2005 - 21st: Air Pollution

2006 - 22nd: The Cost of Waste Disposal

2007 - 23rd: Enforcement of Environmental Regulations

2008 - 24th: Water: The Challenges for Users

2009 - 25th: Energy from Waste



Sherkin Long-term Monitoring Workshop & Conference 2003:

"Long-Term Monitoring: Why, What, Where, When & How"


1st Sherkin International Conference 1987:

The Problems of Toxic Dinoflagellate Blooms in Aquaculture


2nd Sherkin International Conference 1988:

Wild Salmon - Present and Future


3rd Sherkin International Conference 1989:

The Problems of Toxic Dinoflagellate Blooms in Aquaculture
(Proceedings not published)


4th Sherkin International Conference 1990:

Fish Farming - the Other Side


Sherkin Workshop 1990:

The Effects of Stocked Salmon and Cage Escapees
on Resident Wild Salmon Stocks


May 1991 Conference:

The Common Fisheries Policy - Mid-term Review


May 1992 Conference:

Reduction, Prevention & Re-use of Waste - An Alternative to Landfill


May 1993 Conference:

Maximum Sustainable Yield from Fish Stocks
- A Challenge to Fishermen & Managers


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